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About Us

OTI – The Israeli Autism Association is a leading organization dedicated to providing professional support to families and individuals affected by autism. Our mission is to empower individuals with autism to reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives. At OTI, we believe that every child is unique and deserving of personalized attention. That’s why we adopt an integrative developmental model that draws from the latest scientific research. Our staff and directors are continuously updated with the latest developments in autism research to ensure that the support we provide is informed and effective.

We tailor our approach to each individual and do not limit ourselves to any particular methodology. Our focus is on flexible and individualized treatment programs that incorporate a variety of validated interventions. Our approach emphasizes care for the child in their natural environment, such as in kindergarten or at school, to make it easier for their family and maximize the therapeutic benefit.

In recent years, we have extended our services to cater to the needs of adults with Autism. Our programs are designed specifically to help them obtain essential tools and skills and successfully integrate into the workforce and community.

OTI works in full cooperation with the Israeli healthcare system, education system, welfare system, and local authorities. This collaboration allows us to provide comprehensive and effective support to individuals with Autism and their families.

At OTI, we are passionate about supporting individuals with autism and their families. Our dedicated staff and directors are committed to providing the highest quality care and support to ensure that every child with autism has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Att. Tzipi Nagel-Edelstein, CEO
Nathaniel Laor, Chair – Scientific Clinical and Research Committees
Dana Costa
Liel Swisa
Nechama Faber Ben Pazi
Keren Segal
Adi Koren
Tali Edelstein
Vered Reiter
Att. Gili Shilat
Anat Eilon Ganor
Shlomit Weisblum

The Chairman of the board: Tzili Charney
Board member: Prof. Yosef Frost
Board member: Alona Bar On
Board member: Prof. Benad Goldwasser
Board member: Dr. Shlomo Segev
Board member: Dr. Rivi Sherman

Prof. Nathaniel Laor, Chair
Dr. Irit Mor
Att. Tzipi Nagel Edelstein
Dana Costa
Dr. Vered Reiter
Nechama Faber Ben-Pazi
Sandra Israel-Yaacov
Keren Segal

Prof. Nathaniel Laor, Chair
Att. Tzipi Nagel Edelstein
Dr. Vered Reiter
Dana Costa
Dr. Irit Mor
Prof. Ofer Golan
Dr. Tali Gev

Therapeutic Daycare Centers - Ages 1-3

Our daycare staff is there for parents at a crucial and challenging stage in their journey – when their child has just been diagnosed with autism, and they are realizing that their child is unique. This supportive framework provides a combination of treatment, education, and motivation that is personalized to the child’s unique skills, strengths, and challenges.

Extensive research has demonstrated the benefits of early and intensive treatment for children with autism, as it has the potential to greatly enhance their development while their brain functions are still malleable. Our daycare staff is highly trained to work with children with Autism and their families with sensitivity and professionalism, ensuring that each child receives the best possible support and care.

As this is the first educational experience for these children, a strong emphasis is placed on providing a structured daily routine and foundational skills while ensuring that their individual developmental needs are met. Our teams also provide individual support to parents and offer parent-group sessions to help them navigate this new chapter.

ASD Preschools

The Communication Preschools, serving children ages 3-7, are specialized educational facilities run by the local authorities and the Education Ministry. These preschools are designed specifically for children with autism and are staffed by OTI’s team of professionals, including psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, art, music, drama therapists, physiotherapists, integration coordinators, cognitive therapists, psychiatrists, and neurologists.

The team creates an individualized therapeutic plan for each child and encourages the involvement of their families and environment to ensure the most effective treatment and progress. The combination of educational and caregiving staff helps to integrate the treatment program into the child’s daily life, both at home and in preschool.

In-School Treatment for Students with Autism - Ages 7-19

OTI’s In-School Treatment Service is a unique initiative that offers personalized programs for children throughout their school years, focusing on developing essential life, emotional, cognitive, movement, and body image skills. Our team of experienced professionals, including psychologists, social workers, speech therapists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists, work collaboratively to seamlessly integrate treatment into the child’s daily school life.

The In-School Treatment Service is a unique and valuable resource for families, as it provides children with access to treatment in a familiar and supportive environment. By aligning treatment with educational and therapeutic investments, the service ensures that children receive the best possible care while minimizing the disruption to their daily routines.

Adult Programs

In recent years, we have extended our services to cater to the needs of young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our programs are designed specifically to help adults with Autism obtain essential tools and skills and successfully integrate into the workforce and community. OTI, in collaboration with the BDO College of Finance, created a program called “From Calculation to Integration” that provides training for graduates with autism and supports their entry into the job market. Additionally, we offer extracurricular programs and provide support for university students with Autism.

Treatment Centers

OTI operates five state-of-the-art treatment centers across Israel that specialize in autism diagnosis and individual and group therapies.

At our treatment centers, we provide consultation, diagnosis, treatment, and training services for individuals with Autism Spectrum Syndrome (ASD), including toddlers, children, teenagers, and adults, and their families. We also offer training for professionals. Our approach is informed by a combination of theoretical knowledge, clinical experience, and the latest research findings. We constantly measure and evaluate our services to ensure their effectiveness. The OTI Treatment centers are considered world-leading in the field of ASD diagnosis and treatment.


OTI – the Israeli autism association aims to promote and expand research activities related to autism. To achieve this goal, the association has established a dedicated research committee and provides researchers with necessary resources and support for conducting research in this field.

As part of its commitment to advancing research, the association has published several articles authored by its members. These articles provide valuable insights into the challenges faced by individuals with autism and their families, as well as potential interventions and treatments that could improve their quality of life.